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Wireline Services

North American Logging Services

Century has a fleet of over 50 wireline units providing call out services through regional offices in the United States and Canada.  Long term contract services are provided through the corporate headquarters in the United States.Century provides wireline and perforating services, for both open and cased hole applications, throughout North America.  In the United States, services are provided through regional offices located in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado and West Virginia.Canadian clients are serviced through Century Wireline Services’ Canadian operations headquarters in Red Deer, Alberta.Standard services include hydrocarbon exploration, mineral exploration, hazardous waste investigation, hydrological evaluation, coal assessment, coal seam gas, water well installation, uranium exploration, deviation service for precious metals, lithology and many others.

WorldWide Logging Services

Century Wireline Services is presently operating throughout the world in multiple markets.  For information on service capability in your region, please contact the corporate office.  Medium to long term contracts are supported in situ with personnel and equipment redundancies to avoid costly downtime.Through the Century Wireline Global Partner Program, we are currently providing service through designated partner companies who are authorized service providers in applicable regions.For more information on the service capability in your region or to find your Century authorized service partner, please contact the corporate office

What we can do for you

Century Wireline Services is an Open Hole logging company that acquires geophysical data in support of your exploration and production projects for : Traditional Oil and Gas Oil Sands Coal and coalbed methane Uranium and other Minerals Diamonds Geotechnical / environmental work From more than 60 years in business, Century Wireline has acquired vast global experience drawn from thousands of successfully completed projects.  Our company takes great pride in efficient service, competitive prices, accurate equipment, and dependable staff.  


Give us a call and  let us help you to extract more data ,and better data, faster, from your boreholes with Fewer runs because of our stacked and integrated multi-functional tools Faster runs because of our high-count, fully integrated logging system more reliable and consistent data because of our well-tested and calibrated equipment run by seasoned staff Trained, dependable, and service-oriented staff Slim-diameter tools that shimmy down and up smaller diameter holes.
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