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Our tools are all built inhouse with stringent quality control and used by our own employees every day to ensure you recieve the most accurate information needed to make your decisions.  With tool diameters starting at 32mm(1.25 inches), Century Wireline can provide an economical means of formation surveying by logging smaller diameter boreholes.  Our systems can continuously receive and record high-resolution data with measurements as densely detailed as every half centimeter.  High quality tool construction and precision calibration methods ensure the utmost data quality. Choose from these open-hole logging tools Density Focused electric Dual neutron Induction Deviation Dipmeter Sonic Televiewer Most of these tools combine multiple sensors in a stacked configuration.  This stacking yields more data per run and reduces the total number of borehole logging runs.  Plus, our R&D pipeline contains the state-of- the-art: Spectral neutron for penetrating cased holes and checking for hidden oil in mature fields. USAT (uranium spectral assay tool—look for uranium with less guesswork). Slimline stacked density with neutron and PE (photo-electric) curve.
All of Century's Tools digitize the sensor measurements downhole. This minimizes interference from varying wireline cable lengths, and other factors that can alter the data. All measurements from Century Tools are calibrated, and are recorded in engineering units.
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