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Turning Data into Information since 1946
Century   was   founded   in   Tulsa,   Oklahoma   in   the   year   1946.      Century derived   its   name   from   the   four   original   founders’   100   years   of   combined geophysics and instrumentation experience. Century     was     initially     focused     primarily     on     the     development, manufacture and sale of geophysical instruments. Century   was   the   first   company   to   pioneer   the   transition   from   analog   to digital   instrumentation   in   the   1970’s   and   has   prided   itself   on   leading   the industry   in   technological   innovation   throughout   its   near   70   year   history.     Century     remains     an     engineering     focused     and     engineer     managed company. In    the    1980’s    Century    Wireline    Services    was    created    as    a    separate division   of   the   company   to   better   focus   on   the   growing   demand   for client     services     utilizing     the     equipment     manufactured     by     Century Geophysical. In   2007,   Century   expanded   into   a   larger   state   of   the   art   manufacturing facility    in    Tulsa,    Oklahoma    to    better    meet    growing    manufacturing demand.  Century   Wireline   Services   has   become   a   leading   service   provider   in   multiple   markets   by   focusing   on   the   delivery   of   quality   data   and services at price points significantly lower than our competitors who focus on the deeper hydrocarbon markets. Century   Wireline   Services,   as   the   manufacturer   of   its   own   equipment,   is   not   hindered   by   third-party   equipment   failure   or   interface   issues and   allows   easy   adaptation   to   changing   market   conditions   with   the   ability   to   manage   any   custom   application.      Through   this   targeted market   approach   Century   boasts   that   it   is   large   enough   to   service   the   needs   of   any   client   but   small   enough   to   care.      Century   has continually expanded throughout the last 60 years, having provided services in more than 30 countries.

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