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The Spectral Gamma tool is a three-channel analysis of the gross gamma ray spectrum as it relates to potassium, uranium, and thorium content. An internal energy source of less than 1 micro- curries of Cs137 is used to excite the crystal and to stabilize the electronics prior to logging.  The spectral window is recorded via a 256 channel spectrum board so that the different energy levels from the formation can be analyzed. 
Spectral Gamma Logging Tool
FEATURES Properties Measured 1. Potassium (K) Percent 40 Offset: 135.63 cm (53.4in.) 2. Uranium (U): Parts Per Million Offset: 135.63 cm (53.4in.) 3. Thorium (T) Offset: 135.63 cm (53.4in.)  Length: 167 cm (65.75in.) Temperature: 65 C (150 F) Diameter: 60.96 mm (2.40 in.) Pressure: 232 kg/cm2 (3000 PSI) Weight: 16.82 kg (37 lb.) Logging Speed: 1.5 m/min. (5 ft./min.) Tool Voltage Required: 60 VDC Tool #:7201 Part #:272000
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